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Community Development

What makes for a great community? I feel it’s the common unity that the area residents have for each other and the place they call home while embracing the diversity that makes for a unique, energetic and inviting community.

The City of LaGrange is such a community. Located approximately 60 miles south of the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and about twenty (20) minutes north from the Alabama State line, LaGrange is a small city (population of approximately 30,000 people) with a charming historic downtown and home to a number of recreational, culture and educational opportunities.

West Point Lake, a beautiful 26,000 acre lake provides hours of recreational fishing, boating or a relaxing evening with family and friends taking in the beauty of the peaceful surroundings. In addition, there are a variety of recreational opportunities for LaGrange youth, including organized team sports such as football, baseball, softball, basketball and soccer. The city also has a multitude of neighborhood parks, perfect for entertaining little ones.

Culture attractions include several museums and galleries that feature selected art work from local artist, Explorations in Antiquity, the LaGrange Symphony, and a thriving performing arts community. Downtown is connected to a number of area attractions, such as Hills and Dales Estate and Bellevue via a downtown walking tour. Home to LaGrange College and the location of a West Georgia Technical College campus, LaGrange has opportunities for students interested in all types of learning and enjoys the benefit of being a college town.

For these reasons and many more, LaGrange is an ideal place to live, work, play and raise a family.

In addition to the above, there are a number of reasons I think developers, builders and companies have chosen to come to LaGrange and continues to look at LaGrange as a possible location to develop or start/move a business. Those reasons range from friendly, open professional city staff with the best interest of the community at heart, up-to-date infrastructure with ample capacity to meet growing demands and incentives such as three approved Tax Allocation Districts (TAD) ready for commercial, retail and office development as well as residential development of both single and multifamily housing.

For those businesses looking to locate as well as already located in LaGrange, there are incentives in designated areas that have been approved by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) as opportunity zones. The incentive carries a maximum job tax credit allowed under law- $3,500 per job created. A business must create at a minimum 2 full time jobs and meet a few other criteria in order to apply for the tax credit. For more information and to determine if your business is located within the Opportunity Zone, please contact me at your convenience.

In closing the staff of the City of LaGrange will continue to reinvest in the community. This is evident by the work you have perhaps witnessed around our city. This work includes side walk installation, water and sewer improvements, and assisting community residents to improve their neighborhood recreational area by installing walking trails, a splash pad and new playground equipment in a park that had fallen into disrepair.

As staff members of the City of LaGrange, we will continue to provide quality services to the citizens of LaGrange and keep our community on the forefront for business opportunities to meet the needs of our citizens for today and well into the future.

I am your Community Development Director and it is my pleasure to serve the citizens of LaGrange.

Alton L. West