Police Sergeant

Notice of Job Opening

Date: July 10, 2017

Department: Police Department

Exp Date: July 31, 2017

Pay Range: $49,857 - $69,014

An employee in this position is responsible for supervising 8-12 patrol officers and civilian employees, participating in police related activities on an assigned shift, unit or section. Duties include assuming complete command of a situation in the absence of a superior officer and general administrative work at police headquarters. Work is performed in accordance with established departmental policies and procedures and in conformance with local, state and federal laws, but employees must use initiative and judgement in their application. The employee is given specific and general instructions on new assignments, but works with considerable independence in performing regularly assigned duties. Work is reviewed through discussion, staff meetings, inspection, observation of the correctness of decisions, and through oral and written reports.

Examples of Work

The following duties and associated tasks are typically performed by an employee in this position. No attempt is made to be exhaustive in the following list.

  • Supervises daily assignment of patrol duties
  • Conducts effective roll call / unit sessions which facilitate two way communications and distributes pertinent information (i.e. BOLOS, Keep Checks, etc.)
  • Conducts inspections of officers and equipment
  • Maintains accurate records concerning vehicles and equipment maintenance
  • Coordinates assignments of officers and vehicles to ensure adequate coverage of assigned zones
  • Plans for and coordinates personnel movements in light of both anticipated and unanticipated absences
  • Coordinates court appearance requirements and other special details
  • Adjusts schedules to address overtime
  • Tracks sick leave use and address concerns where appropriate
  • Administers daily activities of the police department
  • Supervises officer responses to and investigations of all calls for service, both criminal and non-criminal in nature
  • Responds to emergency calls in a timely manner
  • Assists on back-ups for other patrol units
  • Enforces state laws and city ordinances
  • Coordinates investigations with other departments and/or divisions
  • Utilizes agency crime analysis information to focus resources toward crime prevention/reduction and problem-solving efforts
  • Guides and evaluates officer efforts within identified problem-solving and hot spot areas, as well as ensure proper documentation of those efforts
  • Gives directions and/or information to citizens and assists all citizens in crisis incidents
  • Investigates and responds to minor citizen complaints and inquiries
  • Verifies and confirms accurateness of all reports submitted by officers
  • Coordinates prompt corrections/modifications to reports as required
  • Ensures timely submission of all reports into the agency’s records management systems
  • Coordinates and performs training and re-training of officers
  • Ensures timely and thorough counseling and evaluation of officers
  • Applies progressive discipline as necessary and completes associated documentation
  • Ensures thorough completion of administrative reporting requirements as assigned
  • Performs related work as required

Desirable Training & Experience

  • Georgia POST required supervisor training, School Level I – III
  • Bachelor degree

Necessary Special Requirements

  • Associates Degree or 60 semester hours or its equivalent from an accredited college
  • Applicants must have a minimum of five years continuous service in law enforcement with at least 18 months at the rank of sergeant or higher at the time of testing
  • Meet all requirements of, and successfully pass, the promotional examination for sergeant
  • Possess a valid driver's license issued through the candidate’s home state
  • Be in good physical condition

Testing Procedures

  1. The candidate will report to an oral board for predetermined job related questions relating to command presence, leadership, oral skills, stress management, and decision making. These questions will account for up to 25% of the overall score.
  2. The candidate will complete an essay related to the Sergeant position. This presentation will account for up to 10% of the overall score.
  3. A written multiple choice test relating to the job of police sergeant will be administered by Human Resources. The multiple-choice test will account for up to 35% of the overall score.
  4. A practical exercise will be included in the process and will account for 30% of the overall score.
  5. The expected duration of the entire process is two days.

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If you have any additional questions please email or call Stephanie Crowe in the Human Resource Department: +1 706 883 2037, scrowe@lagrangega.org