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A City Inspired

Where Comfortable and Affordable Come Home

Finding the right home is more than just square footage and the number of bedrooms; it’s about the place that you and your family actually want to live. And in LaGrange, that life includes playing on West Point Lake and enjoying classic spicy relish dogs with your neighbors at Charlie Joseph’s.

Calling On Convenience

LaGrange is an enterprise city, which means utilities like power and water come directly from the city. So, calling your neighbor who cares is a lot nicer than being put on hold with someone thousands of miles away.

2018 Anti-Litter Campaign

Leaders of LaGrange, Hogansville, West Point, & Troup County are joining forces to help clean up our county.

City News

LaGrange is a growing progressive city just south of the busiest airport in the world, Atlanta’s Hartsfield International. Site Selection magazine ranked LaGrange the #1 Micropolitan area in Georgia, and tied for 16th in the country. It’s a place where business gets done.

City of LaGrange Passes District Map Changes Following 2020 Census

The LaGrange City Council passed an updated map to redraw LaGrange’s city council districts.

LaGrange is presently divided into two city council districts and each district elects three members of the city council. The United States Constitution requires that each district be redrawn every ten years after the federal census to ensure equal population.

News Release on the Changes
Full Size Map

A Message From The Mayor

I will do my very best as your mayor to serve and to represent the entire community. We are very blessed to live in a diverse city. We're blessed to have a wonderful city staff and wonderful people who live in this fine city. Now let's pull together and make LaGrange the greatest city it can be.

Dr. Willie Edmondson
Mayor of LaGrange

West Point Lake Water Levels

National information and alert service for West Point Lake water levels